Discover Simple Ways to Ensure Your Kitchen Renovation Runs Smoothly With Limited Disruptions.

Living through a major kitchen renovation can be challenging. These are lengthy projects that disrupt your family’s regular routine. Without a sink, cooktop, oven, or organized pantry, you’ll feel like you’re living in chaos. The good news is with a little preparation and close collaboration with your contractor, the project will run smoothly, and you’ll experience as few disruptions as possible.

The construction phase of a typical kitchen renovation in Cleveland can often take up to 12 weeks. As you conclude the design and planning work with your Design-Build contractor, begin to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

Declutter and Keep the House Organized

Even when construction is contained to one room or one area, it’s going to feel like it trickles into all areas of the home. Keeping everything well organized will help bring some order to your life. Consider storing items you don’t use on a regular basis to help eliminate any excess clutter. Secure or store wall-mounted objects and other breakable collectables that could be susceptible to the vibrations of the tools.

Work with your contractor to understand what dedicated spaces they’ll need to complete their work. Your contractor should provide clear direction on which areas of your home will be off limits during construction. In addition to the construction area, they will likely need space to store materials, tools and equipment. They may need access to a water source, such as a utility sink or laundry tub. Your contractor should also discuss what steps they will take to keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Plastic barriers are often used to contain most of the dust, but you may notice some dust in rooms near the construction area. Many professional Design-Build contractors will conduct a pre-construction meeting to discuss these items in advance of your project’s start date.

Plan for Culinary Success – Even Without a Kitchen

As you organize and pack your current kitchen, set aside several small appliances that can help facilitate basic cooking. Many homeowners set up a temporary kitchen to keep life as normal as possible – appliances such as a coffee maker, crockpot or an electric skillet can be a lifesaver. Some clients opt to relocate their old refrigerator to their temporary kitchen during construction as well. Depending on the time of year, you can also leverage your outdoor grill for easy cooking and clean-up.

Not having a kitchen sink for rinsing and cleaning is often one of the biggest challenges homeowners face during a kitchen renovation. A bathroom sink can be a temporary solution, but also consider disposable dishes and utensils as a short-term option.

If you plan to cook, keep meals simple. Gather recipes that require minimal preparation and clean-up. If you’re ahead of the curve, prepare homemade meals and freeze them so all you need to do is thaw and reheat. Dining out during a kitchen renovation is common and you might consider allocating a small budget for dining out during the construction phase.

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Keep a Designated Area for the Kids

If you have kids, create a dedicated kid-friendly space. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of time telling them where they can’t walk or what they can’t touch. A clean and tidy play space will help normalize life and a few familiar toys will be extremely comforting.

Pay extra attention to your pet as they often spend the most time in your home. Consider whether it’s necessary to relocate them during the most labor-intensive or noisy parts of the construction work. If you opt to keep your pets on site, give them a dedicated space as well. Be certain that they cannot access spaces in or near the construction area. You won’t want your pet approaching your contractor, or trying to escape, every time your contractor opens the door throughout the work day. Extra attention – and a few extra walks – can help offset the stress!

The Ideal Scenario: Living Somewhere Else

The ideal scenario for many homeowners is to move out of the home entirely. This makes is easier for contractors to coordinate work activities and allows you to live in a safe, comfortable environment until the remodel is completed. If that’s not an option, the advice in this article will help tremendously.

Design-Build contractors are sensitive to the fact that they will be interrupting normal life. While they will do everything possible to minimize disruptions, remember that the construction zone can become messy and noisy. Strong communication with your contractor will ensure as few disruptions as possible.

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