Learn How Design-Build Contractors Simplify Home Renovations with Meticulous Planning and Design.

Large scale, custom home renovations take a lot of planning and input from several experts. In recent years, experienced contractors have recognized the desire from homeowners to have one point of contact during a renovation. Given this need, some general contracting companies have shifted to the Design-Build approach to home remodeling.

By providing a more robust range of in-house or contracted services that include interior design, architectural planning and engineering, the result is a less stressful remodeling experience for the client. But even within the realm of Design-Build Contractors, some set themselves apart even further.

Before you start making phone calls and obtaining project proposals, consider these three projects, their unique design considerations, and the meticulous detail during the design phase.

Kitchen Remodeling: Avoid a Traffic Pinch Point 

Design and planning work results in clear specifications for the job to be done. One of the primary benefits of working with the right Design-Build Contractor is their ability to explain what’s feasible, and to explore ideas or modifications that homeowners have never considered.

This Lakewood kitchen remodel is a great example. The client wanted several key features including a large island and a coffee bar. But without proper planning, the area in between the two spaces could have resulted in a traffic pinch point.

By reducing the depth of the coffee bar and shaping the island, we created a clear path for traffic. We were able to include a full depth pantry cabinet located clear of the island. The results are stunning, and we avoided potential traffic jams.

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Master Bathroom Remodeling: Proper Planning for Accent Tile

There are countless decisions to be made during a renovation and at times it can feel overwhelming. Master bathrooms in particular are a unique space, requiring functionality and practicality. As one of the most-used rooms in your home, bathrooms are essential to creating a healthy home that caters to your specific needs.

During the design and planning phase, homeowners are encouraged to think deeply about their wants and needs and be prepared to share them with their contractor. For this project, the client wanted several special features in the shower, including two corner benches, a niche shelf and accent tile.

In the renderings of the Rocky River bathroom, you can see our design team has carefully called-out these details while still accommodating for minor adjustments during the building phase.

In the finished photo, you can see how this came to life. Although the final version differs slightly from the renderings, our team had clear instructions to reference to ensure client specifications were met.

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Guest Bathroom Remodeling: Planning in a Small Space

You may have a grand vision for your space, but a vague understanding of the many activities that must take place along the way. This example highlights why planning is so important. The bathroom is on the third floor which means vertical space is limited. Placement of the mirrors and electrical outlets must be carefully considered. Although our contractors will have the ability to adjust the exact placement, we have carefully thought through these steps during design and planning.

The overall design should dictate the size and shape of the mirrors. If the client had simply gone to the store and purchased mirrors on their own, prior to having a complete design, the size and shape of the mirrors likely would have created limitations for the overall design. Our team referenced the design plans and placed the fixtures in the appropriate location for the client for optimal functionality.

Next Steps: Finding a Design-Build Contractor

These three projects ultimately highlight the importance of design and planning with the right partner. By investing in design and planning, everyone involved will feel confident about the work to be completed and the proposed investment.  As a homeowner, you’ll need to have conversations with several design-build contractors to further understand their background and what they bring to the table.

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